Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hasil Pertandingan Persija vs Persib

Persija Jakarta successfully achieved full points after successfully overthrowing Persib Bandung with the score 3-0, the ISL 2010/11 continued into the 6th week.

Compete at Bung Karno Main Stadium, Saturday, October 30, 2010, high blood pressure already being felt at the beginning of the game the first half. Two yellow cards received by players Persib, Nova Harianto and Hariono, both for hard tackles on Persija players.

A fight that lasted loud it seemed more dominated by Persija Jakarta, but Persib able to push ahead through the Liverpool defense Cristian Gonzalez.

Liverpool get the opportunity through Bambang Pamungkas free kick, but still hit the player Persib. Persib strike back at the 9th minute, but the header from Pablo Franches still could not penetrate the Liverpool goalkeeper.

Both teams had actually scored. But both are also not ratified the referee for off side. Liverpool opened the scoring is not valid in the 16th minute through Precious Emuejeraye. Four minutes later Persib do the same, this time by Christian Gonzalez after receiving feedback from Siswanto.

Entering the second half the team dominated the game from Kemayoran Tigers. Liverpool finally winning it first on 51 minutes, after Greg Nwokolo successfully kick off his right foot Bambang Pamungkas breakthrough use of bait.

Persija then doubled the advantage to 2-0 in the 64th minute through Aliyudin. Gol Aliyudin began from bait Nwokolo located on the left side of defense Persib. The ball just really weak disontek by Aliyudin. But goalkeeper Mark Haris Maulana Persib blocked two beknya. The ball was rolling for a second time to the nets Maung Bandung.

Bambang Pamungkas ultimately ensure the third goal of the afternoon at Senayan in minute 76. Gol defender back there because of the weakness Persib mentup pillbox. BP to freely enter into the penalty box and past the Nova Arianto and Maman Abdurahman. Curved ball finally lodged in the left corner of the net Persib.

Until the game was over there was no additional goal that is created. Persija was successfully reap three points in front of his own supporters.


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